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DCC Open Canoe Polo Roster

What: Open Canoe Polo Roster (A and B Grade)
When: Monday nights 7:30 to 9:30
Where: Clarence Aquatic Centre
Dates: Monday 1st May- Monday 10 July (no games 12 June)
Cost: $100 per player

Each player will also need to be a member of the Derwent Canoe Club (or be a member of another Australian Canoeing affiliated club).

Entries close 25th April and will be online via the DCC website as soon as I get it it on there (hopefully early next week).

Membership can also be done online via the club website.

The roster will be limited to 4 A Grade and 4 B Grade teams.
College Teams will be in B Grade.
A grade players will be teamed up by the roster coordinators to try to create an even and close roster. If you want to play wit anyone in particular shoot me a message an we'll see what we can do.

The shallow end of the pool will be available for rolling and practice.
Cost will be $7 for those not entered in the roster. Free for those entered.

More details to come early next week when I hope to have online entries open.

In the meantime shoot me an email or give me a call if you have any questions.

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Dust off your DRR kayaks and canoes! We are going to be trialling some rapid sprints after the slalom training and racing at Broken Bridge tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less

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The open canoe polo roster will commence Monday 1st May.
It will be a 10 week roster with a break for the June long weekend.
The open roster will cater for A and B grade teams. College teams will be in the B grade roster.
School roster will commence Monday 24th July and cater for grades 7 to 10.
Games will start at 7:30 and the shallow end will be available for rolling.
More info to come over the next couple of days.
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Slight Change of plan for this Sundays Under 3 trip to ensure we work in with the slalom training day on at Broken Bridge (BB):
1. 9am meet at Broken Bridge (park carefully as there will be a crowd – if you intend on leaving early, park facing outwards and nearer the entrance)
2. 9.30am hit the water and paddle upstream (yes you read that correctly). We’ll have 1.5hrs to make our way upstream easily portaging what few rapids there are before turning around and floating back down again to be back at BB by 11am sharp. I figure it’s simpler than stuffing around with a short car shuffle to go a km or so upstream. We can practise lots of things on the way.
3. The serious paddlers will be taking an hours break 11-12 where we can hog the rapid and practice paddle skills, swimming and basic rescue.
4. Exit the water at 12pm for lunch.
Bring lunch in an esky, drinking water, good footwear, swimwear and sun protection.
Weather forecast is hot and sunny at 30 deg.
RSVP: 0429 264 940
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** 200metre Sprints at Browns tomorrow!!** **

Forecast is for 23 degrees and light easterly winds, so get on down to Browns for the 200m Sprints.
Entries from 5.45 at the dog beach side of the Bridge.

$3.00 entry

All types of paddle craft welcome (Skis, SUPs, DR, Sprint, Multi-sport, Sea, Slalom, Polo, Sit-On-Tops etc)

Race Starts at 6.15

Format is head to Head Sprints - pick your race partner on the night
Race partners can be swapped for subsequent races.

Up to 4 in a race - your call.

3 Head to Head races then a handicap pursuit race to finish.

Look out for Phil and/or MJ for entries - they are running the race tomorrow.
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**Browns Race**
To keep us all excited about the brown water racing until next week here's a quick recap of how last week's 200m sprint races went down:

With a nice tail-wind Richard McMinn set a new course record of 40.21 in race 3, a full 3 seconds ahead of 2nd place getter Justin Boocock in 43.41 seconds

The tight fought slalom boat category, was taken out by Matt Dalziel as he showed the others how to get a slalom boat. But in the rarely seen reverse slalom boat challenge in Race 2, Hamish pipped his Dad with a 1:40.06 against Matt's 1.41.50.

The handicap pursuit race (reverse course into the headwind) was delayed due to Drew Byers deciding to cool off and taste the e-coli at the start line and a slight hiccup for Justin Boocock saw him and Richard McMinn's set handicap extended by about 10 seconds as they reset for their start. Ash Noble and his cunning race partner, Chris, saw this and used it to their advantage to take out line honours convincingly in their best time of the night (despite now having a headwind).

Dave Gibber Marshall also managed to improve on his downwind race times into the wind by about 4 seconds while everyone else's times increased by about that margin, showing what having a group of paddlers behind and about to run over you can do to your motivation.

A good fun series of races and a nice barbie afterwards. Thanks to Moya and John as always for marshalling and BBQing and to Baxter for cleanup.

Word on the street is that the 200m format will be used a few more times this season due to its popularity.
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Derwent Canoe Club shared Southern Paddlers's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

State titles results Sam Norton om 50.21 Warwick Lovell om 50.32 Ban Maynard om 50.54 Matt Dalziel vm 51.19 Todd Sargison om 51.30 Ben Hill om 51.40...

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Social events

DCC social gatherings general occur alongside events and are advertised on the Calendar, DCCFlash and Facebook.
Board meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month.
Contact one of the executive if you would like assistance organising a social event or would like to raise an issue at a Board meeting.

Browns Races

The DCC Browns Races are legendary!
There is something for everyone at Browns – race hard, take on a personal challenge, or relax with friends after a long day.
When the weather is nice, the famous post-race BBQ’s are not to be missed.
Races are held roughly bi-weekly, check the News Items and/or Calendar.

DCC Paddle Flash

DCC Paddle Flash is the clubs ‘web group’ that has been established as an email news service to club members. If you join this group, you can choose to go and view messages on the Paddle Flash board via the Web, or get the messages delivered to your email address.

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Junior Development

The Derwent Canoe Club runs a comprehensive junior development programme including involvement in the TIS Development Squad.
New for this Summer is the River Rats program for 10 – 12yr olds interested in trying canoeing

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Southern 'Under 3' Trips

The Derwent Canoe Club runs monthly beginner trips guaranteed to be under grade 3 for rusty, aspiring or social paddlers. A great way to meet other members and just mess around in boats.

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