The Derwent Canoe Club (DCC)  hires a boat shed from the Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS) on Marieville Esplanade (right on the water!) for the convenience of club members who wish to store their boat(s). There are change rooms with warm showers and boat wash down facilities at the DSS club rooms.

To secure a berth you must be both a DCC  and DSS club member  (see DSS website ) and pay a yearly berth hire fee.  For details see Fees and Charges.  For details on the lease agreement see the Lease Agreement tab.  All arrangements need to be made via the DCC Bosun before payment is made:

Stewart Bennett

PH 0428 192898

E stewart.ross.bennett@gmail.com







Terms and Conditions of Lease (the Fine Print)



The Ski/Canoe/Kayak Storage Bays in question are located at the Derwent Sailing Squadron, Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. The storage facility is herein referred to as the “DCC Boat Shed” and individual storage is referred to as a “Bay”. Each Bay must only house 1 craft.


Derwent Canoe Club Membership

All lessees must be full (12 Month) members of the Derwent Canoe Club, with relevant membership fee fully paid and there being no outstanding debts to the club. Club fees are as set each year, at the Annual General Meeting.

If a Lessee’s Derwent Canoe Club Membership expires during the term of this Lease they must renew their full membership within 1 month of its expiration.


The Lease Includes

All Lessees, upon payment of their Lease fees and Key Deposit in full are entitled to the following:

  • An Allocated Bay for each craft they wish to store at the Boat Shed, up to the maximum number of bays leased by the Lessee. The Lessee is responsible for the maintenance of their Bay (eg: installing padding, boat rollers etc.)
  • A DCC Key to access the Storage shed and their storage Bay. This Key remains the property of the Derwent Canoe Club and must be returned on expiration or earlier termination of the Lease. Upon return of the Key, the Key Deposit paid will be refunded. The Key is a restricted access Key and cannot and must be copied.
  • Joint Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS) Membership which entitles the Lessee to access to DSS shower, toilet and change room facilities, and social/crew membership rights. It does not include voting rights at DSS meetings. Collection of a DSS Key must be arranged by the Lessee direct with the DSS, including completion of any forms, and payment of any key deposit required by the DSS.

The storage area will be progressively developed to create paddling gear storage for Lessees personal paddling equipment (paddles, PFDs, etc).



The Lessee will have 24 hour access to the DCC Boat Shed and their Bay and the DSS Showers, Toilets and Change Rooms (note: access to female amenities is currently restricted by building design issues, but the DSS are committed to resolving this issue in the short term).


Payment of fees

All Fees must be paid in full prior to access rights and a Bay being allocated to the Lessee.


Overdue Fees

Any Lessee with Lease Fees falling due for the coming year’s Lease, must pay these Lease Fees in full, within one month of them falling due. After expiration of 6 weeks following the date that Fees became due, if the Lease Fee is still unpaid, the Derwent Canoe Club may remove any craft and equipment stored by the Lessee at the DCC Boat Shed and the Bay may be re-let to another Lessee.



Whilst the Derwent Canoe Club has insurance which covers loss or damage of equipment in its care of custody, the Lessee acknowledges that this may not cover the full extent of any loss, and takes responsibility for any other insurances on their craft or equipment stored at the DCC Boat Shed. By entering into this Lease, the Lessee indemnifies the DCC against any claim and waives any right to compensation for loss or damage to their craft or equipment , other than that which may be payable by the DCC’s insurance.



Responsibilities of the Lessee


Shed Locking

For the security of all members craft and equipment, and of club equipment, it is the responsibility of each Lessee to keep the Shed locked at all times when unattended, including whilst they are paddling and after each paddling session.


Boat Shed and Bay Usage

  • All craft must be stored within their allocated Bay and Lessee’s must not use anyone else’s Bay without the prior permission of the owner.
  • Lessee’s must not use anyone else’s boat or paddling equipment without the owner’s prior permission
  • A lessee cannot sub-let their Bay’s without prior permission of the Derwent Canoe Club.
  • Lessees must maintain the Boat Shed in a neat and tidy condition and report any damage or potential dangers or issues to the Boat Storage Manager.


Key Security

Lessees are responsible for safeguarding their DCC and DSS Keys and reporting any lost or stolen DCC Keys to the DCC’s Storage Manager and DSS Keys to the DSS Manager. DSS Key deposits will not be refunded for lost or stolen Keys and a new deposit is payable for any replacement Key.


Personal Safety:

Lessees are reminded that the DSS area adjacent to the DCC Boat Shed is a working slipway; that yachts and machinery move around the area; and that trip and other hazards exist. They are reminded to use commonsense and caution at all times whilst in the vicinity of the slipway, to give-way to vessels being moved onto or within the Slipway hard-stand area, and to not interfere with normal slipway operations.


Personal Safety – On water

Lessees are reminded to take all appropriate precautions for on-water activities including:

  • Wearing of Personal Floatation Devices as required by Marine and Safety Tasmania,
  • Use of appropriate lighting and wearing reflective clothing when paddling at dusk/dawn or at night,
  • Being aware of weather forecasts and changeable weather conditions
  • Maintaining their craft and equipment is a sea-worthy condition and ensuring it has adequate fixed buoyancy
  • Wearing appropriate clothing for warmth, sub-protection and safety
  • Paddling, where appropriate, in groups and/or ensuring someone on shore knows your whereabouts, approximate route and scheduled return
  • Being aware of mooring buoys, other water-craft, yachts and motorboats in the area and acting at all times to avoid collisions – remember, paddle-craft can be hard to spot by yachtsmen, and a moving yacht can be hard to spot when paddling through a crowded mooring area – collisions have happened.



Although the DSS has on-site parking, Lessees are requested to be mindful of the needs of the sailing members of the DSS, especially on race days, and whenever appropriate to park in the public parking area to the immediate south of the DSS Slipway.


Behaving with decorum and courtesy

  • All members of the DCC must act with decorum and abide by the rules and regulations of the DCC. As joint members of the DSS and DCC, all Lessees must also abide by the rules and regulations of the DSS and DCC whilst in and around the DSS premises.
  • All members must be friendly towards and show courtesy to DSS yachties, crew and their guests, and act to maintain and enhance the reputation of paddling community and to build good relationships with the sailing community.


Contributing to Maintenance

Lessees, along with other DCC members and DSS Members are expected to contribution to working bees for both the DCC Boat Shed and DSS surrounds (boat ramp etc). A small contribution of time by each member, when required, is greatly appreciated.