Under our constitution the club is run by a Board of up to 10 directors who meet periodically to make decisions on behalf of members. Most Board members have a focus on a particular discipline of the club and may have various volunteer coordinators liaising with them. These relationships are outlined below along with position descriptions for each coordinator.

To raise a matter with the club either make direct contact with the appropriate coordinator or Director or email Derwent@canoe.org.au.  If needed, escalate an issue to the Commodore if an issue is urgent or sensitive.



The club no longer holds regular member meetings. Club members will be emailed to vote on significant decisions/matters and social events are now organised to bring members together across disciplines.

Board meetings are generally held on the first Thu the month. Let the secretary and appropriate Director know if you wish to attend or present at the meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities


Commodore: Peter Eckhardt

Vice Commodore: Vicky Bonwick

  • Position Description: pd-vicecommodore
  • Under 3 program
  • Boat Shed
  • Communications

Secretary: Dave Marshall

Treasurer: Mel Kruger

  • Position Description: pd-treasurer
  • Membership
  • Social Butterflys

General Directors:

Position Description: pd-director

Director: Dean Vincent

  • Slalom Events and Courses

Director: Richard McMinn

  • Governance and Strategy

Director: Leigh Wighton

  • Canoe Polo

Director: Ian Cooksey

  • Ocean Ski Racing

Volunteer Coordinators:

Boat Shed Manager: Martin Stephenson

  • Main point of contact for the Club boat shed on Marieville Esplanade
  • Liaise with Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS) on Lease issues
  • Manage keys and maintenance issues.
  • Ensure shed remains financially viable whilst providing a service to members.
  • Be familiar with, adhere to and advise on the Boat Shed Strategy document.

Asset Manager: Phil Watkins

  • Gets to audit the gear (oh gear how I love thee)
  • Help design the gear hire part of the webpage
  • Give advice on storage, procurement of new gear and disposal of old

Membership Coordinator: Giselle Vincent

  • Provide a phone or face to face point of contact for new members to welcome them to the club and “show them the ropes”
  • help them sign up to the Paddle Flash, Facebook
  • invite them along to club meetings and events
  • discuss paddling options (Under 3 trips, Brown’s Races, Paddle Power, etc)
  • resolve membership signup or renewal issues.

Social Butterflys: Mary-Jane Watkins, Sari Borojevic

  • Position Description: pd-socialbutterfly
  • Help design 3 social club events a year (and delegate jobbies to help organise)
  • the aim of the social events is to bring club members (from all different disciplines of paddling) together socially instead of coming to monthly club meetings so that members can be informed, informally, of club decisions (so are able to vote with confidence and authority)
  • some suggestions for events:  Commodore’s Dinner, Brady’s overnight paddle fest, quiz night, Brown’s end of season BBQ, Cascade Garden Boat Race
  • you’re not limited to these events and you will have elven support when required so let your imagination run WILD!!

Ocean Ski Coordinator: Ian Cooksey

  • Liaise with other organizations  like Surf Life Saving, multi sport races etc to organise a calendar of events.
  • Promote the calendar through various media including canoe tas.
  • Maintain existing safety management plan with AC and MAST.
  • Ensure that events and event organisers comply to AC and MAST guidelines .
  • Organise state titles through Canoe Tas.
  • Prepare submissions to State and National committees.
  • Oversee care and maintenance of safety boats.

Future Roles:

  • Have DCC media as primary source of information.
  • Develop links with membership categories to encourage SLSSA members to participate in AC events and vice versa.
  • Develop method to ensure that all participants are AC members.

Polonator: Leigh Wighton

  • Draw up a roster and delegate duties amongst volunteers and teams
  • Take enquiries from the website (what website, where do enquiries go?)
  • Be present at most games
  • Collect rolling money
  • Organise working bees
  • Monitor compliance for membership and event payments – Reports can be generated from our website to track this.
  • Liaise with the DCC committee and communication officer to manage member engagement.

Communication Coordinator: Vicky Bonwick

  • Has the “Big Picture” overview of club communications then delegates jobbies to those responsible to make sure information is out there effectively
  • monitors the website to see if information has gone out of date – such as paddling calendar, new initiatives, social events, contact details, etc
  • Sends out Facebook and Flash updates and invites
  • Comes to club meetings to get the “low down” on initiatives and flamboyantly communicate it to the rest of the club members (or however you see it being posted so that the message gets out there effectively – the creative licence is yours)
  • Note our membership website has good tools to allow filtering to assist with targeting different disciplines.


Slalom Events Coordinator:

  • Coordinate the running of slalom races and camps/trips
  • Determine an event calendar for races and camps/trips

Slalom Coaching Coordinator:

  • Run a level one coaching course every 2nd year
  • Run 4 one-hour coach education sessions every year
  • Oversee coach accreditation

Paddle Power Coordinator:

  • Plan the term based PP coaching program dates
  • Promote the upcoming program to schools and polo players and in social media
  • Coordinate coaches for the upcoming term, including Club coach agreements
  • Ensure coach payments are processed

Slalom Equipment/Sites Manager:

  • Manage PP slalom gear hire (paddles and boats). Including tracking of gear in/out.
  • Oversee slalom poles ropes and gear is stored and maintained (?Slalom Trailer)
  • Ensure BB and Browns slalom sites are maintained

Slalom Daily Training Coordinator:

  • Set daily training plan for weeks and months ahead for training paddlers
  • Ensure coaching support for sessions
  • Plan and set BB/Bradys and other training days
  • Coordinate with hydro when required

TIS Slalom Program Coordinator

  • Liaise with program stakeholders (TIS, AC, DCC)
  • Oversee coaching program
  • Report to stakeholders as required
MPIO Officers: Member Protection Information Officer. Vicky Bonwick, Richard McMinn, (Carol Hurst)
Offers advice on procedures for members who have an issue or complaint. Does not resolve the issue but remains an impartial source of advice on options to follow. Takes an active role in education and procedures to prevent discrimination and provision of a child safe environment. Requires completion of a free online course and workshop. See AIS https://learning.ausport.gov.au/auth/login/?returnUrl=%2F for online courses.

Governance Documents: